Weekend Workshops

As mentioned elsewhere, the Travelling School of Photography made up with Phil Jones & Alayne Russell travel in a mid-sized motorhome around eastern Australia between March and October each year, offering workshops in all sorts of country towns, small villages, cattle & sheep stations, cotton farms & outback properties.  So that we can do this, we carry with us all the stuff we need to run the workshop.  

Weekend workshops [whether conducted in country towns or on a farm] are small, personal affairs with between 6 and 12 people attending - this way, everyone gets individual attention from the tutors; often 1 on 1 is available too.  Workshops are conducted over a 2-1/2 day weekend ... Friday night + Saturday + Sunday, between 16 and 20 hours in all.  Students can attend either the Camera Craft half of a workshop or the Photo Editing half, or the entire workshop

Level-1 students enjoy extended lunch breaks on Saturday & Sunday for practical photo activities; selected photos are printed each afternoon, and then evaluated within the group later in the day. 

Level-2 students work in pairs &/or small groups to undertake the assignments, and as with the Level-1 students, selected images are printed for communal review each afternoon.

ps: don’t buy a new camera (especially for Level-1 students) - please contact me and we'll spend some time to discuss your photographic style & needs. 

Phil Jones & Alayne Russell have no commercial alignment to any camera wholesaler in Australia ... thus we are impartially available to review your equipment needs, rather than sell you something expensive & possibly beyond your needs



Topics Covered in the various workshops ...
  • Aperture or Shutter priority operation;
  • Automatic or Program operation, 
  • Cameras & camera types, film & digital, 
  • Composition,
  • Depth-of-field,
  • Ergonomics of the camera, 
  • Exposure,  bracketing,  multiple exposure, 
  • Holiday photography, 
  • Home studio portraiture; 
  • Lenses - optical & digital zoom, 
  • Macro photography; 
  • Photograph presentation – mounting enlargements; 
  • Photograph presentation – traditional & on-line albums; 
  • Portraits – informal of people & animals;
  • Practical flash & Slave-flash photography; 
  • Seeing photographically, 
  • Star-trails photography; 
  • Taking after-dark photos; 
  • Testing your camera lens; 
  • Uploading digital images to the computer, 
  • Using Panorama & Portrait editing software, 
  • Using Photoshop Elements to edit images, 

NB: The amount of time allocated to any / all the above topics can be prioitised for individual workshops. 
eg: the Photoshop / photo editing components can be one day or two days: equally, any topic can be accentuated to become a major part of the weekend.

Note - All students receive a workshop manual created by Phil Jones
All Camera Craft workshop participants receive a 148-page book titled "Taking Better Photographs", and
All Photo Editing workshop participants receive a 148-page book covering 30- structured Photoshop Elements exercises.  The PSE manual comes with a CD / USB containing 100 images for student use throughout the workshop.

Equipment required:

  • a digital camera of some sort, (compact pocket size thru to interchangeable-lens cameras are all welcome);
  • a laptop computer for Photo Editing will be most useful, and
  • imagination and a willingness to explore new ideas
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